The Importance Of Texting While Driving

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The sun is slowly setting, the stars and moon begin to rise, and there is only one car on the road. Up ahead and around the corner, there is a flash of light and headlights appear. As the car approaches, it swerves to stay on the road. “Ding!” The phone goes off and the person in the car looks down to see who it was from. The next thing that happens is disastrous; headlights are shining in the person’s eyes while at the same time there is glass breaking and tires screeching. The last thought on the person’s mind was, “What did that text say?” Because of one little ding, there was an accident that could have been avoided. Have you been in an accident? How could this have been avoided? Texting while driving is extremely distracting and can…show more content…
There are many distractions while driving, especially for new drivers on the road. Not only are there people walking or jogging from place to place, but there is wildlife bounding across the road, along with the radio playing the latest pop music and passengers chatting away in the back seat. According to the Policy Genius (2016) article, people who text are “up to twenty-three percent more likely to get into a car crash than other drivers,” and continues with saying the “National Safety Council estimated that almost 350,000 automobile crashes involved someone texting” (page1). Newly licensed drivers are limited on the number of people they can have in the car with them. Distracting people in the car versus texting and driving can be compared, but the incidence of texting and driving is definitely on the higher scale. All of this causes parents to worry about their children while they are on the road which could be eased with the solution of the texting being…show more content…
One such alternative solution might be a secured “box” or the like. There would be a box in the car that one could put their phone in which would disable the texting ability. The argument against this may be that it is too difficult to get car companies to endorse the idea, it would cost too much, or that it would be hard to monitor. Because of the many lives that have been taken because of texting while driving, there would be a side to the argument that may change peoples’ opinions of this plan. By implementing the app or even the box, many lives could be

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