The Importance Of The ACM Code Of Ethics

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Computer technology has a massive impact on the lives of our society. Today we rely heavily on the internet to accomplish our daily tasks that we begin to live a sedentary lifestyle. With the use of computers most people use the internet to accomplish their own tasks. For example; purchasing a textbook online, sending emails to coworkers, turning in an assignment for school, and even sharing videos and photos with loved ones are how some people use the internet. Although what they’ve done on the internet has not harmed anyone, others may misuse it for purposes to spread hate, abuse and discrimination among other people that often leads to cyberbullying, hacks, information theft and so forth on the internet. Computer technology has definitely brought freedom to individuals but that freedom needs to be controlled and it becomes important to address these issues with computer ethics. Looking over the ACM code of ethics, there were two topics that stood out to me the most which were 1.2 Avoid harm to others and 1.4 Be fair and take action not to discriminate. I found these two to be the most important because it allows us to reduce the number of ethical problems that may often arise with computer technologies and helps us think more through an ethical problem if one ever arises. The code of ethics also allow us to identify our limits needed to be maintained in order to keep healthy relationships online. The first code of ethic that is 1.2 Avoid harm to others is important
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