The Importance Of The Age Of Exploration

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Curiosity is a feeling that drives everyone to discover. No matter when, curiosity will overtake one way or another. Magellan, Columbus, De Gama, were all some of the most curious and brave explorers that led our civilizations to more opportunities and expansions. Though, it is true that the ‘Age of Exploration’ led to numerous killings, they also started the growth of business, expansion of plants, animal species, goods, colonies also helped develop numerous other civilizations in addition to themselves. Those reasons are exactly why the explorers should be glorified for their great discoveries in shaping our advanced world today .

The explorations resulted in a dramatic boom, although might have affected some less, it did create more opportunities
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The ability to trade gave many colonies the hope to have a stand as a wealthy and powerful community. They were able to make allies, to have a wider knowledge of what once worth was. New economic trends like open markets, private, and black markets were soon enough the base of where business revolved. Inflation was another side to the capitalist economy that was when there was a higher number of goods it was then worth less, in contrast when there was a higher demand for the items merchants could easily change the price of its worth. As the economy was flourishing, voyages were also more and more possible. This made it easier for civilizations to explore even further and expand their transport technology and knowledge of the waters. As said in the document 10 Magellan, one of the greatest and determined explorers, found different types of ways to understand where you are and where your heading. First, he sent small groups of sailors to go in special built boats into areas of the sea that Magellan needed more understanding. They would come back telling the explorer their findings and new descriptions of the region.…show more content…
Large amounts of tribes and colonies only ever knew about some of the little amounts of foods that they could eat. When the spaniards came, as written in document 1, to the Native they primarily introduced them to the different types of foods and plants they could benefit on. They were also brought new cattle and other sorts of animals that they could receive healthy products from. According to document 3 exploration led to the expansion of plant and animal species. When the food productivity took place after people were presented with new species it “ultimately been of widespread benefit to peoples throughout the globe”. Healthier foods were really important to the tribes and colonies at the time. That meant that whilst people are that they were building up stronger immune systems, decreasing their chances of getting illness, which meant better health. Healthier bodies made it easier to have been able to expand their civilizations and armies to get stronger. Foods brought from the expeditions were “benefits to all people”. On the contrary speaking from the evidence written on document 4, roughly up to 27 million of people died within decades of when the explorations began. This was due to sickness brought from explorers carried out in domestic farm animals. Since many of the native population had no contact with such animals prior to the exploration and were not infected with such
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