Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ageing Population

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The ageing population of the world is a new phenomenon that, even, the richest and most powerful countries, are trying to understand. The ageing people are no longer restricted to a small portion of the population. However, there are still differences between ageing in developed and underdeveloped countries. This is due to the fact that the increasing number of older people in less developed countries is due to the high number of births during the early twentieth century. But the ageing population of European countries, in recent decades, is due to the relatively high birth rate in first quarter of the century, coupled with the decreasing rate of mortality in all age groups. The broad decline in fertility resulting in a process of population ageing, which occurs at a rate that does not correspondence in the history of most countries already aged and has significant social implications. Due to the differences in mortality due to gender, ageing tends to assume a greater dimension in women. Moreover, for a certain period of time, the changing age structure…show more content…
What once was seen as the end of life is now understood as a new stage just ahead and with new routes to be followed. The old age should be considered as the age of experience and expertise that should not be missed by the elderly. Awareness of welcome changes with age needs to be clear so that these elderly be prepared to face this new reality. Otherwise, they may have an experience of loneliness and abandonment. In addition to the preparation of the elderly to all these changes generated with advancing age, society also needs to prepare to welcome and care for this population that is constantly growing. The number of elderly people had a large increase in recent years. The increase in the elderly is observed in developed countries and also in underdeveloped. With this, many professionals have turned their attention to these old people, to have a better quality of

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