The Importance Of The Airplane

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According to Air & Space International Civil Aviation, 3.5 billion out of 7.6 billion people have already ridden an airplane. Airplane is designed for travelling through air. Having wings and one or more engines it can to travel through air. Airplanes gives us a tremendous help specially in travelling. The Wright Brother are the one who successfully invented the airplane. The Wright Brothers were two Americans where they are known as engineers, they are inventors and they love to build things. Because of this machine “airplanes” the people can travel anytime and everywhere. During 18th the Wright Brothers amaze the world by successfully flying their invention (History of airplane). The airplane became the key for keeping the world at peace. People should know who are one the ones who invented or discovered this airplane. Many people traveled using a plane however they don’t seem know who are the one who invented it. Airplane became a primary vehicle specially for politicians and higher people. Politicians like President have many responsibility and meetings, however not all meetings are held locally some meetings are held internationally. President need to attend meetings internationally like ASEAN, UN, and APEC which are very important meetings that President should not miss. Airplane are special, they are the ones who helped maintaining the peace in the world. Higher people like business persons would also take airplane as a primary vehicle, imagine if you have a big

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