The Importance Of The American Dream

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Everyone in their childhood dreams of things that we will ever achieve in the future, are the fiery dreams of what anyone can have, we have had the inexhaustible enthusiasm that came from our heart, the pursuit of that dream was the hope we lived, we were just happy about what we could become, how we could reconstruct what we had, how to become worthy of our parents, our family, we would be the pride of everyone when they realized those dreams, with the infallible intuition of the road, but we did not know the risk and the opposite verses in the way of dreams, how we thought about thinking about something bad, so we grew up but when time spent dreaming to childhood, things become more complicated and we start to bear responsibility. American, of course, does not mean that they all succeed, or that no one will retreat from the unexpected or injured by the winds and not just for people living in the US, but for anyone who feels they can become part of that dream. It was exactly this dream that came true for me when I won the DV lottery and planned to live in the US. "The Alchemist" Paulo Coelho says, "When you want to achieve something, the universe strives until you realize it" (f22). This is how it happened to me where the fate opened a new door that was only in dream and suddenly turned into reality that period I thought that my grandfather 's life story was repeated, which moved from one place to another in another and forced way, but it was a good example for me to start
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