The Importance Of The American Dream

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Is the American Dream a goal that is alive or dead? The American dream is living a life full of happiness and being successful due from the individual has achieved through hard work and dedication. Furthermore, gaining this state is life accomplishment that is wanted by all people by it is perceived as a perfect life. The controversy contradicts the the validity of the American Dream being done with the amount limited opportunities that is offered. There is also the ability to make it happen, today 's society is full of diverse people and each person has a limitation. Moreover, speaking for those people they can 't achieve the American Dream with disabilities or even life situations. The American Dream is only a possibility for those willing to adapt to change, thus to work brutally and to give the most effort. Some say that hard work is the key to success, but what they don’t realize is that it is all about the mindset to stay positive. In today’s society, the normal day to day attitude of a person can be very pessimistic and that makes them differ from those who are very optimistic. Being a optimistic person gives the advantage to think that their dreams will come true and that with every hardship that is summoned upon them a chance of opportunity. Moreover, this would bring the outcome of having that drive to be successful and being pleased with the process. In a research by Darrin Donelly, “How to Achieve the American Dream”, looks at the 7 factors that a person
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