American Dream Motivation

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From the start of the America, to the America we know today, the driving force and the heart of America has always been and is it today the “American dream”. The “American dream” is a goal for many who live in America. They believe that the “American Dream” is controlling their own destiny, becoming successful, and living free. The “American Dream” is success, freedom, and being able to control your own destiny. Without dreams, there is nothing to plan or look forward to; therefore, no reason to live. That is harsh to say, but if you try to think about it for moment, you realize how important dreams are. The inequality in America has been increasing over the past decades, along with a number of other factors, there is nothing to suggest that…show more content…
Dreams influence our whole life. Dreams are used to build a motivation, and to choose things in our life, for example which education we would like, where we would like to live, and so on. Without dreams there would be no point in going to school, since no one would dream of having a career or family. Dreams can motivate when things in life is tough. Any person in world that has achieved something great, had a dream first. An example could be Americas president Barack Obama, in his speech “I have dream”. If he did not dream he never would have stood up for what he believed in and never aimed to change things. This is exactly why we need dreams – to have hope and to aim to change our present situation for the…show more content…
It is good to have big dreams, but can it be too big? For example if you grow up in a poor family in America, that cannot effort you a good education. you could have a dream about being a doctor, but if you cannot effort the education to be a doctor, it is nearly impossible to work as a doctor. In Denmark it is a lot different, because our education is free. That mean that everyone can be a doctor if they want, they just have to have the right grades from the previous educations. But in America you have to pay, even though that the difference between poor and rich are very high compared to Denmark. Like I saw in the documentary: “PARK AVENUE; MONEY, POWER AND THE AMERICAN DREAM”, they showed us an example, that at the address 740 Park Avenue in New York live some of America 's wealthiest people. Ten minutes away, on the other side of the Harlem River, is another Park Avenue. The street is located in the South Bronx, where 40% of the population earn less than 40 $ a day. That’s lead to many young people do not have time to focus on their dreams and educational conditions, because they have to help their family economy already from young age. It have definitely been a lot harder to achieve what we know as the “American dream”. Over the previous decades the difference between poor and rich
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