The Importance Of The American Dream In One Friday Morning By Langston Hughes

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America is referred to as the melting pot of the world. It’s believed that there they accept every citizen and treat them as equal. But too often, people of color find themselves being treated like outsiders, being judged and racially profiled. From birth, colored people of America are taught that they need to fight twice as hard to earn anything that other cultures have; they also realize that they have racial barriers that keep them from achieving the most out of life. They learn from young age that if the color of their skin was a first impression, that it would be a bad one. Yet as American citizens, the color of their skin shouldn’t keep them from fulfilling the American dream, but time after time it does. The story “One Friday Morning” by Langston Hughes is a sad story of a girl who was sold the American dream of a life worth living only to have it ripped from her hands by people she thought were supposed to accept her. Nancy Lee, a talented art student won a scholarship to the school of her dreams, but when the scholars realized that she was a girl of color, they revoked it. Afraid of how others would react to her. Somewhere along the way the system decided that depending on what you look like or where you come from, you could be kept away from a dream that was promised to every citizen is the U.S. The American dream has been destroyed due to fear, racism, and power and it will be the demise of a once great country. Although it may seem as though America has come a

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