The Importance Of The American Dream In Jane Gatsby

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This passage illustrates the changing landscape around them. This connects to how people have changed, not only in the book but in the time period. The american dream changed how people spent their time and acted. Just like the landscape changed, so did they. Americans would do anything to reach their ultimate goal, just like in the book the characters would lie, cheat, and live unhappily just so they could look perfect in other people’s eyes. The American dream made the public act differently so they could be seen by their peers as successful. People did not want to be seen as failures when they were working so hard to achieve their dream. In the text Catherane states, “It’s really his wife that’s keeping them apart. She 's a Catholic and they don’t…show more content…
This is a clear lie. The real reason Tom would not leave Daisy is because he does not want to be seen as lower than that. He sees that Myrtle is of a lower class, and he does not want to be like that. This has to do with the American dream because in general, people would do anything to reach their dreams and be seen as perfect in other people 's eyes. Another quote from the text is, “Here’s another thing I always carry. A souvenir of Oxford days. It was taken…” (page 71). He always carries three things with him, a metal from the war and a photo from Oxford. It is clear that he carries those things with him simply to show off. He wants people to see him as sophisticated, rich and accomplished. This is partly due to his past, as we know, but also because he wants to please Daisy. His American dream includes lots of money and Daisy. A recurring theme, he will do anything to achieve this. Part of the american dream is showing off what you have. In this specific passage, it says, “the

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