The Importance Of The Anzac Legend

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‘Why is the Anzac legend important for future generations’? When presented with this question I thought back to 2015, when I had the privilege as the Redeemer Lutheran College Captain to read the Uniform Resolution. On that day I read the following words to the hundreds of people who gathered in the Biloela R.S.L.A ANZAC park. ‘This meeting gives its assurance that those who have fallen shall be held in sacred memory, and that those who have survived the perils of war will ever be honoured and remembered with gratitude by the people whose hearths and homes they went forth to save so that our freedom and our free institutions under the British Commonwealth of Nations might survive.’ As I stood with my copy of those words that I had retrieved from my keepsakes drawer, it occurred to me that the fact that I had kept them was the very reason why the Anzac Legend is important for future generations. They have the right to feel the same sense of pride in our shared history, the strength of the Australian spirit and the responsibility that comes with keeping a legacy alive. As a twelve-year-old girl and one hundred years after the first Anzac service, I, like so many before me in towns and cities across Australia, was proudly acknowledging our history of service and the sacrifice of those who have protected our rights and freedoms. One hundred and one years after the first Australian soldier set foot on Turkish soil during the Great War. More than a century after the Gallipoli

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