The Importance Of The Australian Flag

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Do you think Australia’s flag represents you as a citizen of Australia? 66% of Australians want the awful flag to be changed. “A purpose of a flag is to represent its country”. The Australian flag is an old-fashioned symbol, that does not reflect the modern world. The current Australian flag does not represent us in the modern world, is a true statement for three main reasons.The flag lacks not only the ability to define us as a unique nation but is unidentifiable to others on the world stage. The reconciliation flag should be our flag as it involves symbols that recognises the multicultural background and the Indigenous people.

Which flag symbolizes us as Australian citizens better? The reconciliation flag is a flag that successfully symbolizes a spirit of reconciliation and recognizes Australia 's heritage. Reconciliation is achieved in this flag by the successful use of Aboriginal and European colours. The colours represent all the migrants and Indigenous people. The Boomerang device on the Reconciliation flag symbolizes the true identity of Australians and shows our place in the world. The Commonwealth star and the Southern Cross are included on the flag to represent Australia 's identity. The Commonwealth star is placed on the honourable spot which shows respect to our states and territories. The current flag only represents our country as a British colony. Which flag would you like to be our national flag?

Do you think the present flag represents our multicultural

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