The Importance Of The Banking Industry In The Chocolate Industry

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An industry is defined as the compartmentalization of groups of companies that are linked first to their business activities. Banking industry is one of the most successful industry in Lebanon, it participates in more than 8.5% of the national GPD. We have many industry here in Lebanon to talk about such as food and beverage industry, tourism industry, agriculture industry, clothes industry, and many more. In this essay we will discuss about the chocolate industry. Swiss chocolate is catheterized as the highest standard in the world of the best chocolate since 1819, while Lebanon is known as “the Switzerland of the Middle East” Globalization nowadays plays an important role in understanding effect of country of origin [COO] on food products. Reaching the international competitive advantage and success rely on the availability of the resources and skills, the data that form the opportunities, the directions they take to develop their skills, the goals and objectives of the CEO, owners, and managers, and the pressures to invest to innovate. Any company must innovate in its product or process in order to reach the goal and achieve success. If a country wants to be successful in every industry, it should apply the four diamond of national advantage which are the factor conditions or factor of production (inputs), demand conditions, related and supporting industries, and firm strategy structure, rivalry. First of all, “the factor conditions” include; the labors, raw materials,

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