Edward Lorenz: The Butterfly Effect

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Many people wonder how hurricanes really start, but many do not look at the little things. Us humans just see butterflies as harmless, beautiful creatures but we do not know what they are really capable of. When butterflies flap their wings it may cause something substantially important if they do it at the right time. It may seem impossible but when a butterfly flaps their wings it can cause a hurricane in a whole different place on the other side of the world. It does not only deal with butterflies but also with our day to day lives. Let us say that a woman missed the bus this morning and the bus ended up getting crashed into a building; one action changed the woman 's life.
The Butterfly effect all started with the works of Edward Lorenz.
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Besides this countless theory would take from the dinosaur period to the 20th century. This theory not only revolves around butterflies but it revolves around way more than that. “The butterfly effect applies to systems beyond weather; indeed, any complicated system may be vulnerable to seemingly small factors. For example, the travel of asteroids in the solar system can be difficult to predict. This is because the paths of asteroids can be affected by many different gravitational pulls throughout the solar system, including the gravity of the sun, of planets, of moons, and even other asteroids.The butterfly effect comes from the chaos theory to describe how a small change or mistake can create a different outcome.”(wiseGeek). The butterfly effect not only dealt with things on the Earth but also with things in space. “Examples of these complex systems that Chaos Theory helped fathom are earth 's weather system, the behavior of water boiling on a stove, migratory patterns of birds, or the spread of vegetation across a continent. Chaos is everywhere, from nature 's most intimate considerations to art of any kind. Chaos-based graphics show up all the time, wherever flocks of little space ships sweep across the movie screen in highly complex ways, or awesome landscapes adorn the theater of some dramatic Oscar scene.”(Abarim Publications). Chaos theory studies more complex mathematical systems. The complex equations have so much motion that the computers have to be keeping track of everything going

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