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The Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic has been an influence on city for centuries through location, uses and everyday life. Whether it is through travel, leisure or work, the Charles Bridge has impacted the people of Prague for years and will continue to do so for many more. As Prague is known for beer, gardens and being hidden behind the Iron Curtain for many years throughout the 20th century, it is also well known for housing one of the most visited bridges in Europe, the Charles Bridge. On Friday morning we ventured out of our hostel to a small café and then went on to exploring the city. The first stop was the Charles Bridge and it could be spotted easily from the overwhelming number of bridges just by its architecture and the large amounts of tourists on it. According to Andy Steves’ in Europe: City-Hopping on a Budget, the keystone…show more content…
As time grew on and technology advanced, the need for bridges grew and more were developed. When the fall of the Roman Empire was occurring the need and ability to build bridges and roads decreased. But, in the 1400s, the Charles Bridge was able to be rectified and stand tall. It is hard to find bridges that would last through the tests of times and when one was able to stand long without destruction it was a testament to the builder and structure of the bridge. People have been coming to Prague to see the Charles Bridge for years and will be coming back for years to come. The Charles Bridge was built in the 1400s for the main purpose of connecting a divided city, allowing the citizens of Prague easy passage from one side to the other. Over 600 years later the bridge has remained standing through natural disasters, millions of tourists traveling across each year, and through the challenges of life behind the Iron Curtain. Through all of this the Charles Bridge has helped write past and present urban geography in
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