The Importance Of The Civil War Matter In Today's Society

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Kayla Maack Ryan Swanson UHON 122-006 March 9, 2016 Why Does the Civil War Matter? The biggest cliché in the world is that history is taught so we do not repeat the mistakes of the past. So if people try to avoid this cliché and try to dive deeper into the mystery of why history is so important, they will find some interesting concepts and ideas that will show people why history is so important. The Civil War is the bloodiest battle that America has ever faught in but is it still relevant to today’s society? There has been much debate on the importance of the Civil War and in recent years, the Civil War has become less popular in the eyes of the common American Citizen. The Civil War recently had its 150th birthday but much to the dismay of many states, the birthday celebrations did not turn out large crowds of people like previously anticipated. What has changed in the past couple of years that has changed America’s opinion on the Civil War? The Southern States are under fire for displaying the Confederate flag because of what many people commonly mistake as a sign of slavery. The Confederate flag stood for so much more such as state’s rights, a cultural system, etc. Americans are collectively moving away from a bloody past, in an attempt to bury the shameful history of slavery in the United States but the Civil War is too important to forget about. The Civil War brought about many new concepts such as the first use of income tax that helped pay for the war,
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