Informative Essay: Why Does Civil War Matter?

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Kayla Maack
Ryan Swanson
UHON 122-006
March 9, 2016
Why Does the Civil War Matter?
The biggest cliché in the world is that history is taught so we do not repeat the mistakes of the past. So if people try to avoid this cliché and try to dive deeper into the mystery of why history is so important, they will find some interesting concepts and ideas that will show people why history is so important. The Civil War is the bloodiest battle that America has ever faught in but is it still relevant to today’s society? There has been much debate on the importance of the Civil War and in recent years, the Civil War has become less popular in the eyes of the common American Citizen. The Civil War recently had its 150th birthday but much to the dismay
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My major is International studies. Internation studies is a multidisciplinary degree that focuses on how to interpret and understand global events, trends, and cultures so that students can change the world in order to better humanity. Now hwo does that apply to the Civil War? There are seven disciplines within the international studies major at UNM. The seven disciplines are Conflict, Peace and Diplomacy; culture and arts; environment and sustaniablitiy studies; Indigenous, National, and Transnational identies; economics; rituals and beliefs; and woman and…show more content…
While reading The Republic of Suffering, the author brought up the idea of religion and why it was so important in the Civil War. It governed how the soldiers wanted to die and helped the families back home, by providing them with wisdom and guidance in the hard times. International studies students would look at how religion shaped the events of the Civil War and analyze the final effects of this shift in religion identity on the modern world. The South today is known as the Bible belt, which shows how religion shaped the South during and after the Civil
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