The Importance Of The Cleat In American Football

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Spoiler Alert! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a birthday next week? That’s what it felt like to the Seahawks for 2 straight years. It is week 1 of the 2016 season. Dallas the equipment manager was always well known around the clubhouse and locker room. But starting today, he decided to go above and beyond to make the players feel very joyful even when they lose. Dallas decided to invest in cool new cleats for all the players. It took a lot of time and money, but he was committed to making them feel and look as ready as ever to start the season. The team starts 4-1 and Dallas starts to get a lot of praise. “What did you put in those cleats?” asked Richard Sherman. “Look good, play good” Doug Baldwin commented. “I feel really good this year and all that…show more content…
At some points in the season, Clayton continued to talk to Dallas about why he is so generous all the time. “If the team is winning, then there is no point in not awarding them. You see what I mean?” Dallas asked “Sometimes I do, but what is going to happen when they expect to get rewarded and they don’t” He replied “I usually don’t quit on my players” Dallas shot back intently, but politely. At the end of the season, something very ironic to one happened. Dallas gets a major award for being an important presence in the locker room from the NFLPA. Which is exactly what Clayton said he would never do. It is the start of the 2017 season, and some players are strangely unhappy. The offense looks a little shaky to start the season and a few players might know the answer. “Dallas, do you have anything to do with the performances of the team” coach Carroll asked. “No, I did the same thing as last year and I won an award for it” he answered. Then Clayton finds out that the players are a teeny bit irate, and he rubs it in Dallas’s face. “I told you many times that they would get angry when you didn’t provide for them” Clayton

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