The Importance Of The Constitution's Amendments

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Our constitution’s amendments deal primarily on the protection of citizen’s rights. These rights include the right to expression, right to a proper criminal trial, right to vote, and rights to live and practice one’s life as they see fit as long as it does not impede upon the same rights given to another. So the next amendment we need added to our constitution is the right to die. If an individual is doomed to die at the hand of a terminal illness then why make their family take on a financial burden as well as an emotional one. Even more so why pay for medication that just tries to make their loved one comfortable when we have the option of giving a prescription that will ensure they’re no longer in pain. If that is what they the individual want why can’t they have it? Next to heart disease cancer is the number one deadliest illness in America and according to causes 589,430 deaths per year in America. Cancer is an illness defined as the abnormal growth and development of cells in the body and is very painful for most having any form of it either in the actual disease or the treatment. The medication prescribed to these individuals and the care they require can cost…show more content…
So if a person’s illness requires they get Vicodin or morphine regularly how good is their quality of life going to be? What if they can’t get out of bed or sit up on their own? If you were in that position would you want someone telling you that you have to live that way? If our constitution protects our right to live how we want, why does a state legislature get to decide how the end of someone’s life is lived? Why can’t a person whose capable of that decision and can come to that conclusion themselves decide they’d rather die with their dignity, with their self-worth intact? Our constitution protects how we live our life, but why does this protection stop the minute you’re told you’ll be dying in two
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