The Importance Of The Creature In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Honestly, the cruel inside the Creature does not appear by itself; it is gradually formed due to the affects of many factors. At the beginning of the story, Shelly depicts the Creature is harmless, which totally opposite with his appearance. As a reader, I cannot stop wondering why makes he lost his trust in human? I think that only when we place ourselves in his situation, then we will understand the stress that he has to suffer. Therefore, when we a take a closer look at the Monster, we can easily recognize that he becomes more dangerous after he is abandoned by everyone and is alienated by society. I believe most of us are proud of our succeed in doing what people have not done before even though the results are not good as we expected. However, as the inventor of the Creature, Victor already does an impossible thing. Instead of being satisfied with his creature, he is disappointed because of its ugly appearance. Obviously, Victor’s attitude indirectly affects to the Creature personalities. Victor has finally accomplished his goal that he has brought the Monster to life. Unfortunately, he is promptly appalled by his creation because of the Monster’s appearance. It is described as horror and disgust which has pale eyes and rigid skin; hence, it makes Victor…show more content…
He tells Walton about his lonely existence, and always desire for friendship and love; however, he finds nothing except to leave him a disgust and alienation of everyone. Additionally, in this quote, the Monster has compared himself to Satan and then concludes that he is more wretched than Devil, which can be seen that he alludes again to Paradies Lost, one of his most loved artistic works. And at the end of this sentence, he says that “I am alone.” Even though this brief is unclear, we can easily feel that Victor's death had an effect on the Monster, who had reached the desperate depths of
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