The Importance Of The Cure For Cancer

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Imagine knowing what will happen in the future that can be harmful to many people or beneficial. What would you do? The future is both reassuring and intimidating. There are things that many people are hopeful for seeing in the future and things that they are fearful to see happen. A hope for the future is that doctors will find a cure for cancer, and a fear is the sea levels rising. Anything that happens, good or bad has an impact on the future. A hope for the future is that doctors will find a cure for cancer. Medicine continues to be an advancing factor in life. With new technology and research, doctors have been able to come up with better treatments for different types of cancer. One new way is a new type of therapy. "The potential therapy targets a protein called TNFR2. This protein is present at…show more content…
"TNFR2 antagonists have the capacity to eliminate T-reg activity and thus may further enhance the efficacy of current immunotherapeutics. In addition, suppression of tumor cell survival by the TNFR2 antagonist may improve the outcome of chemotherapy or radiotherapy in cancer patients"(Potential). This new tactic will help attack certain cells that could be harmful to the body. It is important that scientists try to come up with more effective ideas to help cure cancers. Another way cancer treatment is advancing is with precision medicine. "MSK scientists are working relentlessly to extend the promise of precision medicine to people with all kinds of cancer, both common and rare"(The future). Precision medicine is

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