The Importance Of The Death Penalty In China

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The death penalty is one of the most ancient forms of punishment. Nowadays in China it is applied to a number of crimes and the vast majority of executions are carried out in cases of drug trafficking in big scales. The national Republic of China carries out the greatest number of death sentences in a year though other countries (such as Iran or Singapore) have higher rates per capita. This topic is very important as people have to know under which laws and conditions the death penalty in China is adjudicated. As well as a number of wrong executions made while people weren 't guilty. First, legislations and procedures of deadly punishments will be discussed. Furthermore, the importance of realizing and taking proper actions against it will be presented. This paper contains the conclusion that we can 't influence abolition of the death penalty in any way. It is possible that in the future the state of China will reconsider punishment measures in more democratic and loyal way.

Recently more and more discussions are being conducted around the topic of the death penalty. Is it a way to control the crime rate? Is it a violation of human rights? Should it be accepted in the modern society development or abandoned ? Can the state justify and prove the necessity of such punitive measures to maintain the law enforcement? These questions has been answered by many scientists, legal representatives, public and political figures, writers and citizens.
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