The Importance Of The Death Penalty In Australia

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The last person to be executed in Australia was Ronald Ryan at Pentridge Prison,
Victoria in 1967

I think Australia should reinstate the death penalty because If someone killed someone from your family, you would have to suffer is that fair? don’t you think the family of the killer should feel the same pain as you.? I also think murderers and terrorists should get the death penalty.

I think people who commit homicide should face the death penalty because the family of the person that you killed would suffer both mentally and physically if we reinstate the death penalty, in 2015 247 people were murdered that’s 247 families that suffered. I think that number is way too high repeat offenders should also face the death penalty because they would be scared
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Do you want to die? can you believe that 10,694 people recommitted crimes in 2015 that’s around 50% of people that had already committed a crime. If we bring back the death penalty the community would be a better place
Australia would save some money because there would be less people in prisons which means less people we have to cater for. why should tax payers be paying for criminals that have done the wrong thing. when there are homeless people living on the streets? Australian prisons cost 2.6 billion each year, while we could reduce that and use it to found homeless people which we only spent $65 million over three years to support the homeless. We could increase that. If Australia reinstates the death penalty.
Overall I think Australia should reinstate the death penalty because it would cost less, people would not want to commit crimes or be a repeat
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