The Importance Of The Dreaming Process?

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To define sleep, we could say that it is a process of renewal for the body. Scientists still don't have an explanation for why we should sleep, but for sure they know that sleep is not 'switch off' case for the body. They know that the sleep is an essential for many physiological processes, as consolidation of memories. On average, people spend a third of their lives in sleep and that is an evidence for the importance of sleep for us. There are many explanations for sleeping process and what is happening to us during it, but most of them are spiritual and religious explanations. In these days, the scientists start to research the topic. And now, they can tell us what is happening to us during sleep scientifically, despite the opposite who refuse the scientific explanation.…show more content…
Throughout history, humanity has so many explanations for dreaming process, but most of them are religious and spiritual. However, the scientists said that "dream production mechanisms draw bits and pieces of elements within the vast mnemonic repertoire that contains all the information, knowledge, and personal memories accumulated over an entire lifetime"(Grenier et al., 2005, p 280). Anything we see in our dreams is already inside our brains, maybe for a long time that we can't remember it. When we are dreaming, our memories, which contain everything we experienced in our whole life, became an "open book" for us to catch memories and feeling from here and there and combine them to create the dreams. So, when you see your dead grandfather that doesn't mean his soul is visiting you, it means that he is still within your memories and your mind catch that memory and changes it into a
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