The Importance Of The Dual Market Theory

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Davis and Moore put forth a theory in an attempt to explain social stratification, based on the job market, and the dual market theory. The dual labor market “Which concludes that two markets exist which operate by different rules. In one market, the tasks seem to be menial, not intellectually demanding, and are associated with poor working conditions and low wages. The Occupations are isolated and have no internal structures or career system. In other words, they appear to be qualitatively distinct from other kinds of jobs in the market.” (Pg. 258). I will touch more on the dual market theory and its importance to creating stratification later in the paper. I would also like to touch on how the filling of these jobs within these markets can be, and often times is achieved through social reproduction. Social reproduction theory which “examine how inequality is reproduced over and over again in our everyday behavior and situations…Social reproduction identifies the barriers to social mobility, barriers that constrain without completely blocking lower and working class individuals’ efforts to break into the upper reaches of the class structure”(Pg. 250).This paper will also focus on some of the professions I have held in the past, and how they have influenced, in conjunction with this class, my future career prospects. How dual market theory creates stratification. The dual labor consists of two markets, the primary and secondary labor markets. The secondary labor market,

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