Importance Of Teaching Of Yoga Essay

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Education is a continuous process of sharing knowledge between the teacher and the taught with the objective of growth, development and adding something new to one 's experiences. Education is aimed at the development of inherent. qualities of an individual. It is a process which takes a person from 'animal level to the level of human being ' by providing him/ her with the knowledge as well developing his/her various potentials.
The education of Yoga is related to the teaching of Yoga. It is aimed at providing Yogic knowledge in a systematic way so that it may reach students in a right perspective. The education of Yoga will help students in overall development of their personality. Teaching of Yoga will help in enhancing socially useful
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Enhancing the process of learning and living creatively and constructively which is the yogic concept of education, or self-oriented education. Self-oriented is rather becoming aware of the self as a whole. The learning process which relates to life, which relates to our behavior, attitude and thinking happens before the age of eight. Therefore we have to think, “What should be the process of education which enhances our learning in life during our formative years?”, because it is my firm belief that we do not learn about the quality of life through books of history, chemistry, medicine, and biology. We learn about the quality of life through our interaction with the environment, with the family, and also through our interaction with our culture.
The two categories of Education
In Mundakopanishat, a wide spectrum of education has been divided into two categories – Parä and Aparä in response to an ardent student seeking true education from a seer. He asks him thus:
Kasminnu bhagavo vijïäte sarvamidaà vijïätaà bhavatéti.(1.1.3) By learning which I know everything, Sir, please teach me that education. In answer to this fundamental question, the teacher introduces two types of

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