The Importance Of The English Language

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The English language is nowadays considered to be either the primary or second language of over ninety different countries around the world; namely, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Ireland, New Zeeland, Australia, Belize or South Africa among some many others (Nerriere and Mellot, 2010:57). However, it has been demonstrated that, although the number of countries that use English as either official or second language is quite high, there are more non-native speakers than native speakers. As a matter of fact, according to the British council, the highest authority on learning and speaking English, only about 4% of the English-speaking population corresponds to native speakers while the other 96% of English speakers are non-native speakers who use this language to communicate with each other (Graddol, 2006).
It has also been considered that such a popularity of the English language among non-native speakers is due to the practical and flexible properties of the language itself; properties that make learning and exporting English easier for both native and non-native speakers (Newton, 2013:1075). Nonetheless, it is worthy to mention that English, as it is known nowadays, has nothing to do with the English spoken few decades ago; while it was previously perceived just as either American or British, it is currently extremely diverse and varies depending on who speaks it and where it is spoken. Indeed, it may be stated that the English spoken and learnt at

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