The Importance Of The English Language

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Task 1B:
At first I want to start with saying that, It’s hard imagining the need of the English language in the future. My need for the English language depends on the English language as a lingua franca. However, English are yearly growing as a lingua franca. I need the English language in the future, due to the spreading of English. Over 60% of those who speak English are not native speakers. (, u.d.) In addition, I want to say that English no longer belongs to England or America, or even to the English speaking countries. Rather English is a world language. A language changes when it becomes a world language. Languages change when they spread. It becomes easier as a language. People speak English all over the world in different ways. An Indian person speaks different English than a person from England. Dialects do not disappear, they only move and change. Therefore, we speak more English than we did 50 years ago. English affects me in a good way, due to the changes. It becomes easier to people as me to learn English. Another important point is the social media that largely affects us. Especially youths like me. As well as this, the English language makes it possible to communicate in the social media.
It is hard imagining that the English language ever would die out as a lingua franca. However, it could still die out. Due to, translation tools. Translation tools will remove the need of people to learn English.
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