The Importance Of The Enigma Code In World War II

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The enigma code played a big role in world war 2 due it being used by the Germans to communicate with each other and to send their plans to the army bases and German commanders. The breaking of the enigma code made the Allis finally one step ahead of the German troops. The enigma code had to be kept a secret by the British so the Germans wouldn’t find out about it being broken. The breaking of the enigma code changed the war drastically by allowing the Allis to know the Germans moves body During the war great Brittan fort in a battle called “the battle of the Atlantic”. In this battle they took over a German U-boat, inside they found the machine that was receiving the German codes. The machine was bought back to England to see if they could crack the code. A man called Alan Turing brock the enigma code after he built a machine that could decipher it. It took him 3 year to eventually break the code. The enigma code was a vital part of the Germans communication to each other. The Allis used the code to intercept the German message and find out things about their armies and strategies and what they were planning on doing. When the code was fist Brocken the message they deciphers was a bombing of British ships, the people who broke it couldn’t tell anyone that they had broken the code, they were to scared of Germany finding out that there code has been broken. If Germany had found out that the code was broken they would have changed it, England couldn’t afford Germany finding
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