The Importance Of The First Ten Amendments

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The Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments in the Constitution. In modern day, some of these amendments are considered to be out of date, or need to be improved. These amendments are used all the time in normal life, and in the evolution of America. The First Amendment states that we, as Americans, have freedom of speech. We are allowed to voice our opinions. There is separation of church and state, which means that there can’t be laws made about religion. Recently, gay marriage was made legal in all fifty states. However, a judge in Kentucky has denied same-sex couples marriage licenses. It could be argued that if she denied it for her own religious beliefs, it violates the First Amendment. During the whole debate leading up to the ruling, I believe that there was not enough thought on what it had to do with the First Amendment. The Constitution clearly states “Congress shall make no law respecting the…show more content…
There are many forms. One may face a lethal injection, while others may face electrocution. Pennsylvania has one of the highest death row in the nation, but they don’t have access to the lethal injection. The Supreme Court just introduced a new drug for lethal injections, called midazolam. Midazolam is commonly used as an anesthetic, and hasn’t been studied for its lethal effects. Now, with the shortage of common drugs used in lethal injections, the Court is not handing the task over to doctors, and scientists, but rather politicians and lawyers who are not trained in the effects of lethal drugs. In recent executions, the offender might hold on to life for as long as twenty-five minutes, to two hours. Some might argue that this violates the Eighth Amendment, as letting someone suffer for two hours is certainly cruel and unusual punishment. In my opinion, this drug needs to be tested before someone is left barely hanging on to life for two
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