The Importance Of The Football Field In Friday Night Lights

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What is the most important place in your life? What are some other important objects that go with you to your important place? For a lot of people their most important place is somewhere where something extraordinary happened in their lifetime. Friday Night Lights is about a football team struggling to find an equal balance between all players. For this book the most important setting is the football field. The objects that go with the football field are the lights and the football. Anyone who has ever played a sport of some sort will understand that where you are playing is important because it determines where you are, and what you can and cannot do. The field in football is a lot like a battlefield: one side fighting to get to their opponents side. The most important field of all is your home field.…show more content…
Without this there would be no game or reason for a field and lights. The football is the biggest most looming factor of the game. When in the hands of the other team your home team is sworn to protect your side of the field. When you have it you have to give your all to get it across to your opponents side. When carrying or throwing the football is also gives the player who has it this extra little boost to try even harder. “I have to have something to look forward to, or life is just blah. That football is just something that keeps me goin” (Bissinger 41). This quote represents how the football game and ball itself help this player to keep going. These guys eat, sleep, and breath football and when they have the chance to carry it there is no give in their effort. The most important setting of the book Friday Night Lights is the field and with the field the most important objects are the lights and the football. When you put all these together you get a great game of football. Pushing to do your best and win that state tournament. Without these three things this wouldn’t be

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