The Importance Of The Fourth Amendment Rights In Prisons

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First Amendment Right is the freedom of speech, religion, and press these are the rights that the prisoners have, but remains a legal challenge. The freedom of religion is a guaranteed right that’s ruled by the courts to allow prisoners the right to pray in the religion of their choice. Different symbols and practices can be restricted due to institutional security. The religion rights are recognized through the Supreme Court to allow prisoners to practice their religion the most important about these case on this issue limited absolute religion freedom and placed the security institution the above right to attend religious services. Freedom of speech and pressed can be modified and granted by the federal law. The Supreme Court do not allow prisoners to have direct contact with the media.…show more content…
The prisoners have the right to protect their privacy within the prison cells. Guards are not allowed to enter the prisons cells without following proper protocols to do so. The eighth amendment right is the right of the prisoners living conditions such as Solitary confinement is where a violate prisoner is separated from the general prison population. Physical Abuse is when a guard or other staff uses corporal punishment for a disciplinary act among the prisoners. Deadly force in the prison is not an uncommon punishment among the inmates ( Siegel & Bartollas, 2014). The deadly force was used to prevent prisoners from escaping from

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