The Importance Of The Future

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“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

Those who prepare themselves can assure that their future will be bright. For example, those who are studying to attain degree or diploma so that they can apply to those particular jobs that they dreamed or they want. Having a diploma is an advantage nowadays even if you are a very skilled person it is not granted that you can have a good position in industry. Preparing is the key for a bright future.
Not just me but everyone can relate to this quote especially for those who study to attain such a degree to become successful. I will really give my best shot just to finish this college so that i can have a diploma that i can use to be a more competent person in industry with my skills.

“I trust you" Is the greatest compliment. Nothing can compare”
– Lena Elamin

Whenever someone told you that "I trust you" it is also equivalent that there is something on you that made you trustworthy. So this word is one of the greatest compliments it is a very positive word that anyone can be received by anybody. Being trustworthy is like you owned their heart and even their mind. They even think of you as their cognate.

For me, to trust someone is a big catch because nowadays, many people are not worthy of someone 's trust. People can keep someone 's company but not everyone can trust anybody. If someone got my attention like they 're being so trustworthy and they are a good person. I directly says to that
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