Glass Ceiling Research Paper

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"The world is far from gender parity when it comes to getting women into leadership positions in any area of life, whether we are talking about government, business, civil society or the media." (Saadia Zahidi). This statement does not exclude our own country, Malaysia. In Malaysia, although more women are entering the paid work force and taking up managerial roles, the number of women progressing to senior management positions is low compared to that of men. It seems like there is a barrier, known as the “glass ceiling”, that prevents women from moving into senior levels in the organization. Some may assert that this barrier was as a result of women lacking job relevant skills, education, or experience. However, the glass ceiling is actually built by the prevailing discrimination, negative attitudes and stereotypes of women as leaders in our society. This gender discrimination that leads to the glass ceiling phenomenon can be seen in the company’s organizational structure, work-family conflict and personal factor. A company’s organisational structure is perhaps the most prominent factor in creating the Glass Ceiling phenomenon. Women are placed in non–strategic sectors more often compared to men. A bold quote “Think manger-think male” proofs how the higher ups at…show more content…
Other problem such gender wage gap is also linked to the problem at hand. Men might view themselves as the superior gender, but they can gain nothing from this absurd thought. A poem from For Every Women by Nancy R smith clearly depicts this point by saying that “For every woman who is denied meaningful employment or equal pay, there is a man who must bear full financial responsibility for another human being.” Thus, gender discrimination at workplace in Malaysia needs to be abolished as the so-called superior gender will suffer for themselves due to their act of
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