Arguments Against Hpv Vaccine

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In 2014 the CDC reports that 4,115 women died from cervical cancer that was caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) (CDC.GOV, 2017). While other cancer is not preventable by protection of immunization, Cervical Cancer and Genital Warts is mostly preventable. We are raising our children in a time where the majority of our parents and grandparents are succumbing to different types of cancers, why wouldn 't we want there to be a law insuring every teenager is given this vaccine against this terrible disease despite religious, or personal ideas against vaccinations. Although my reason for this paper is to educate my peers on the extreme importance of getting this vaccine early as possible, it also ties into my choice of degree of Health Care…show more content…
The stereotypes of vaccines being harmful rather than helpful, and the challenges of free well and freedom to choose ones ' own healthcare practice will be my challenge. However, I believe that this essay will be successful if the right research is provided, and my thoughts are clearly supported. Most of the time we look at medical research and our eyes glaze over. This essay will be in plain English so that anyone regardless of their education or medical degree will understand the importance and benefits of this vaccine and why every child should receive…show more content…
The CDC provides the most up to date information about HPV and how the HPV vaccine helps the public as a hole such as, how many women and men are diagnosed with HPV related cancers that could have been prevented, how genital warts is prevented and transmitted, as well as what age they recommend the vaccination. HPV vaccine protects patients from HPV16 and HPV 18 which both can lead to different types of cancers that will provide with an insight to which cancers and more medical information as to the different strains of genital warts. The FDA will provide all the data I need to support the CDC and findings. During that time the FDA also has data as to the side effects of the vaccination that are possible and any long-term effect that a patient receiving the vaccine will help. I believe all of the supporting facts and data from the FDA, CDC, and will support my argument and make a very strong case to ensure the HPV vacation is required to be given to anyone under the age of 26 preferably between the ages of

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