The Importance Of The Heian Period In Japan

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The Heian period is one of the most celebrated periods in Japanese history. Considered as a ‘golden age’ by historians, this period continues to hold a significant position in Japanese society. As an illustration, historians often marked this period as the height of imperial rule because the imperial court laid the foundations for an enduring social, political and cultural framework that transformed the dynamics of Japanese society (Morris, 1964; Hall, 1970; McCullough and McCullough, 1980; Mason and Caiger, 1997; McCullough, 1999a; Shively and McCullough, 1999; Adolphson et al., 2007; Hurst, 2007; Walker, 2015). These frameworks remained intact for four centuries. However, within the span of four centuries, the Heian period endured three important
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