Lies In Meaningfulness Analysis

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In the panoramic picture of the 20th century, it is difficult to opine a certain factor as the most significant. The true interpretation of the word ‘’significance’’ lies in ‘’meaningfulness’’ , which is far beyond the extent of proportion or popularity. Different people have myriad perceptions of the greatest influence, the sheerest savagery or the brightest scene in a panorama fraught with bloody wars and high mortality rate but also depicts the density of scientific breakthroughs. However, as a global citizen, I believe those events have its root in the human rights problems. Mankind discriminate other human races, whereby our previous generations declare war against each other. Then we reduce polarization, thus giving rise to full-scale and multinational developments these days. The Holocaust, in the course of this essay, will elucidate my viewpoint.…show more content…
From the 1930s to 1940s, Adolf Hitler - chancellor of Germany together with his allies , endeavored to annihilate European Jewish, with a motto: ‘’ One people, one nation, one leader’’ as he claimed in 1938. Jews in German, later its neighboring countries, were gradually stripped of privilege, possessions, employment, education, health care services and other human rights for no specific reasons. Jewish were too small a population to conduct a rebellion.Most of them struggled in captivity in small and remote ghettos or extermination camps. The ‘’Final Solution’’ in 1940-1941 went into history as the most horrendous mass murder when Jewish people were poisoned by gas vans and perished in concentration camps.Years later, its physical and mental damages to mankind hardly

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