The Importance Of The Hotel Industry

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Hotels are a place which accommodation is provided overnight, and other services such as, food, beverage, concierge could be provided as part of the hotel experience.
The scale of the hotel industry is incredibly large with over “45,000” hotels and an annual turnover of “£40bn” (, 2011). After the Olympics this number increased considerably especially within the London and surrounding areas, due to the influx of tourists coming to the United Kingdom. The size of the industry means that there is a lot of opportunities as the industry will continue to grow and flourish. This growth also means that the amount of staff required in hotels will also need to increase in order to keep up with the increasing demand. Therefore, the amount of jobs that the hotel industry will provide will grow in size, providing more opportunities for internal promotions.
The scope of the hotel industry can refer to the different job roles that are available within the hotel industry as there is not one niche route that can be followed. A person can become a receptionist and is responsible for checking in/out guests as well as being the central point of the hotel that is needed to co-ordinate all other departments. There is also the finance team that makes sure all stock is order on time and crucially within budget. They are there to make sure that the hotel is turning over a profit each month and they do this by monitoring all of the departments spend. Other roles

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