The Hardest Thing In Life

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Since the upcoming of the world we now know and inhabit, humans have always had the natural need and instinct to interact with others along with the environment, forming an intertwined trait of similarity between them. However, the way in which each of them interacts depends on their previous experiences. Whether good or bad, these relative experiences had a tendency to reflect on and shape their personalities. The occurrence of an experience relies strongly on how a person approaches a situation at given-hand. Those who go through the practicality of a less-welcoming and less-appealing experience tend to mourn, deal with, and emerge from their situations differently than those who are exposed to less of this world’s cruelty and horror. Therefore…show more content…
“When Death laughs, no one else does” - Amy Neftzger. The hardest thing in life is to lose a person you confide in, a person that has helped you grow and prosper in many aspects of your life. In April 2014, a very dear friend of mine passed away. The accident happened so suddenly and had come out of nowhere. I still remember the state of shock I was in upon hearing the news, I literally had no words to respond. In life, seldom does one stop and appreciate that he is alive. True that it had been the hardest transition I had faced, and am still facing, but I realized I could not just sit around and sulk. As cliché as it may sound, I came to the realization that he would not want me to be that way, and so I got up and started appreciating being alive and healthy, which lead me to volunteer at the Medical Center during the summer. The idea of working around patients would have perhaps irked me a few months prior to the summer, maybe a few days prior to the incident even, but over time I actually found that it helped bring back some joy into my life. Now to me, I feel like I may owe it to his memory to work and bring out the best in me that he knew was always there, and so since I have been genuinely trying to bring out the best version of me I can
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