The Importance Of The International Language Of Communication

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Saint Michael 's College Required Essay
Atheer Abdulhakeem Hasak

English is the international language of communication, including aviation communication. However, many aviation-related accidents and incidents happens because of miscommunication and misunderstanding between pilots and air traffic controllers. Many of whom are non-native speakers of English. Hundreds of passengers and flight crewmembers have tragically lost their lives in air accidents within a short period in the history of aviation and that is due to poor English language proficiency. According to a paper by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), of 28,000 aviation safety reports, 70% show problems related to communications. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) considered English language as a factor causing different aviation accidents. In 2004, ICAO issued a set of English language proficiency requirements, and by 2008, all pilots and air traffic controllers are required to be licensed for their English language proficiency. As my country (Iraq) is a member of ICAO, all Iraqi controllers, pilots and flight crew members must be tested and licensed periodically for English proficiency.

Having spent seven years working as an air traffic controller and two years as an Air Traffic On The Job-Training Instructor (OJTI), I have noticed that some of my trainee controllers struggled in training because of weak English skills. Even some certified controllers have difficulties in English when

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