The Importance Of The Internet Affects Education

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Fortunately, there are many different kinds of thing that the internet affected education. Making the right match between internet and education is significant to helping best educate people. Internet has changed the way students learn whether in the positive or negative way. Many people still do not know how the internet has affected education. Several reasons why the Internet affects education are that it is easy to research information, online schools, social media and it is easy to plagiarism. Many students around the world use internet to research the information whether it is group project or individual project. Internet is a good way to seek the information only a few clicks so it better than going to find from the library (Delzotto, 2016). The author writes that teacher can give a specific websites to students to learn more or find the information for their paper and project. It also gives a chance for teacher to learn the new thing (Olang, 2016). In addition, internet is penetrating in every perspective of our lives. The most students around 93 percent use Google to seek the information when they have a problem with their research more than going to the library. Wikipedia is the website that used most often to research the information. It is not just students that connected to the website but 90 percent of teacher use internet to find the information to teach students (SEO.COM, 2013). Online schools are the one of a good choice for students to enroll the course.
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