Essay Effect Of Internet On Education

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Fortunately, there are many different kinds of thing that the internet affected education. Making the right match between internet and education is significant to helping best educate people. Internet has changed the way students learn whether in the positive or negative way. Many people still do not know how the internet has affected education. Several reasons why the Internet affects education are that it is easy to research information, online schools, social media and it is easy to plagiarism. Many students around the world use internet to research the information whether it is group project or individual project. Internet is a good way to seek the information only a few clicks so it better than going to find from the library (Delzotto,…show more content…
According to the article “How does the internet affect higher education in a positive way?” (Pelegrin, 2016) , Writes that Social media provide an opportunity for people to share the useful information. For example, people might need to coordinate with other experts who are in a similar field they are studying. This can be particularly helpful when applying for a job after graduation. Furthermore, teacher can let students submit their work in social network such as Blackboard and Facebook. Students can share the idea or information with their classmate by social media whether it is video or text. For example, students can check their grades or look at the announcement in blackboard (Olang, 2016). The internet not only change the way of education but it helps the university admissions offices communicate with students. Students can check the announcement from the university blog. Students also use Twitter or Facebook to communicate with their roommate about their project or etc. for instance, they can make Facebook groups or even simply utilize twitter hashtags to convey about a project and share their ideas. Social media provide the guarantee of keeping the discussion open and even easy for the teacher to view threads and figure out if everybody in the group is participating (Hopkins,
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