Online Role Playing Games

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Change is the only constant thing in this world; a very good example of this statement is the Internet. The internet plays a very vital role in the community, most especially on today’s generation. Though a big adjustment happened, people learned to adjust and were still able to cope up with change. And through the internet people are able to access, create, and update their own social media, electronic mail and gaming accounts. Anything and everything are accessible with just few clicks.
In this period of technological development many things had been changed through human creativity and curiosity because of their desire to create something new for the next generation. Electronic media had been transformed to the highest level that most of
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This article shows the positive and negative effect of playing this such kind of online video games to the academic performance of the student in the class. We have to consider that this way of entertainment has its positive and negative effect to the academic performance of the students. Several of the researches have been developed to present valuable information to the public which focused on positive and negative effect of (MMORPGs) to students and to other people who had been addicted of this kind of…show more content…
This is not a total distraction to students but rather a creative tool of enhancing skills such as on how to fix things and on how to stay awake in terms of winning hard levels.MMORPG can increase student’s self-esteem for it can develop their way of thinking in terms of deciding and on how to solve a specific problem.
On the other hand, there are also pros effects that will benefit their lives such having concentration, social interaction, and friendship. According to Williams (2006), Smyth (2007), Hussain & Griffiths (2008), although players reported that their preferences were for offline friendships but they also enjoyed the friends and conversations they made through online gaming that boost their stamina for confidence in social interaction and experience the feeling of being connected to
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