Essay On Israel Conflict

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The Israeli Palestinian conflict
Jacob barker The Israel Palestine conflict is one that existed for centuries. The location of Israel is the birthplace of many religions and wars the land has been fought over for centuries. Now the two people that are in this area are fighting over dominance. The two peoples(Jewish people and the Palestinians) have been fighting for years, but with no clear end in sight. The neighbors of Israel want the conflict to stop, but they all have different endings in mind. Some countries would like the Jewish people and the Palestinians to live in peace, while Some would like the Palestinians to control Israel all to themselves. Each country can influence the outcome of the Israeli Palestinian conflict either towards the Palestinian side or the Jewish people side. Israel has seen many rulers over the ages, but the main conflict started in the 1900. The Palestinians had Israel
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some neighboring countries allow immigrants into their countries, but they have not been actively trying to take in immigrants. If They did this it would improve the quality of life for the Palestinian people. By allowing them to have more access to resources and they get to live away from war. One of the major things the Palestinians need is money. They can do a lot of work that needs to be done with this like, reform their cities and stop crime. They can also build houses for them and provide must needed services like drinkable water and power for industries and people. This would drastically improve the wellbeing of the people by improving almost every aspect of their lives. Neighbors like Jordan could try to pressure the Israeli people into a decision that would help the Palestinian out. Big business could move into Palestine and set up shop this would give the Palestinians more jobs and it would also help their economy quite a
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