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Research is important because we can learn about the new things or can get more knowledge and find the information or solution which can solve the problem from doing the research. Research also important for the researcher and the society. Nowdays, many researchers have been held by some experts. Most of researches are related to "world development" matter. Society have their expectation of the result of research for the better future. But there are some limitation and society must "Support" the research to achieve the ultimate goal. That society must support the research to achieve the ultimate goal, because if there is no support from them, we can 't achieve the goal, and the research is useless, can 't give advantages to society. the society should support the solution from the researcher to make it real and affect the society.. For…show more content…
I want to see how this method can be applied in the class room. I want to study further about this topic. I am interested with how English teacher at Senior High School with the using of Jigsaw for teach reading in the class. This study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of the techniques jigsaw in improving students ' reading comprehension, especially in narrative text for high school students. My hunch, by using jigsaw reading technique, students’ could comprehend one text even more texts in a shorter amount of time and allowed students to thought deeply about an important part of the text. There are some steps to develop this research. The first one is find empirical study. The empirical study is important to support our research. The second is choosing the subject of research. The subject of this research is the XI grade student of Senior High School. The third is choosing the object of research. The object of this research is the student reading comprehension. The fourth is collecting the data. In collecting the data, I would like to do observation to get the

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