The Importance Of The Jury System

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The Jury system is the most appropriate way of determining the guilt or innocence of the accused in the American Justice system. Many crucial factors are evaluated and valued through the work of Juries. The people within the Jury better represent the people, and have different point of views than higher authority court officials. American Jury systems should be maintained in our justice system because the system fits our democratic society and our rights within the constitution, the whole process offers valuable questions and explanations that better prove guilt or innocence, and juries also provide another line of re evaluating and checking before the final decision is made.
The current Jury system fits our Democratic society and the rights within the constitution. When the constitution was first created the Jury system was given the qualities obtained today. Changing or taking away the rights that have existed for so long is wrong. As said by the article Why Jury Trials are Important to a Democratic society, “The right to be tried by jury of your peers was so important that is merited inclusion in the highest law of the land.” The jury trials give a second chance to the accused. Also once left those people that were involved in the juries leave with a rare experience and have much more respect in the constitutional process. Now during the process of checks and balances the three branches of our government need the jury system to ensure that they are equal in power to keep
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