The Importance Of The Leader-Follow-Situation Framework

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In today's world, the citizen has experienced bad or good leaders. The role of the leader has the extensive knowledge of understanding the leadership situation and influence other complete tasks. The important factor of the leader is to gain power. Power referred as the individuals capacity to move others, to entice others, to persuade and encourage others to attain specific goals or to engage in the specific behavior. Leader power is the capacity to influence and motivate others (). The leader/follower situation framework contains the elements: leader, follower, and situation. Leader gains their power has related to the leader follows situation framework because the relationship of the follower of the leader is a key factor of power.…show more content…
The first element is the Leader. The leader are including the concepts of personality, position, and expertise. The second element of the framework is the follower concept. The concepts about values, norms, and cohesiveness. The element of situation is bases of the task, the environment, stress, and crisis. The powers are alike the Leader-Follower-Situation Framework with the figure overlapping due to the interaction apart of leadership. situation and leader interaction due to leaders make the decided of how to run company. According to Hughes, The leaders legitimacy is important for the followers so took part in the goal and who they want as a leader. The legitimate involves the mixed of The gain of power is relates due to situational allow the able to try to error to earn trust and power of follower. You should put your self in other shoes which help when you move up from follower (). Power is define to motivation to the follows. The nature of the followers’motivation is to share the same goals and values of leader (). The leader power is uses to reward to get the work done or complete the task/goal.

Power is the ability to influence others to attain a goal or engage in a selected behavior. The power of leadership breaks down into coercive, reward, legitimate, expert, and referent. The leader will use different powers kept the follows on topic and engage to the goal. The leader/follower situation framework contains the elements: leader, follower, and situation. The framework lays out a way for leaders to learn their role because the leader need to gain power and hold

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