The Importance Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition

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The Lewis and Clark expedition was the first American exploration across the western part of the United States. They were known as the “Corps”. While exploring Lewis and Clark encountered a with Native American tribe. The tribe exchanged knowledge, ideas, and items to help Lewis and Clark with their journey. Their exploration find a practical route across the Western half of the continent. Lewis and Clark encountered many obstacles like the Rocky Mountains, but found the Pacific ocean and a way across the United States. By the courageous exploration of Lewis and Clark, their encounters with Native Americans, and the exchange of foods, animals, and knowledge shaped the United States as it is today. The Lewis and Clark exploration took…show more content…
It was crucial that Lewis and Clark exchanged goods, ideas, and knowledge for the corps. Lewis and Clark valued the information from the Hidatsa, with their westward raids and trade network. Whenever one of the Hidatsa visited Fort Mandan he was traded special treatment for information and knowledge. The Hidatsa indians would enlighten the Corps with information of other Indian tribes that the Corps would soon encounter on their expedition. Lewis and Clark met the Walla Walla tribe on their journey westward. The Walla Walla were very interested in trading with the Corps. On the Corps journey back east, they returned to the Walla Walla Village. They were again greeted warmly by the Indians. Yelleppit, the head chief, presented Clark with a beautiful white horse. Clark decided to make the trade, and Yelleppit received Clark's sword, some ammunition, and trade goods in exchange. The Corps was persuaded to stay one more day. Lewis and Clark exchanged with Sacagawea horses if she lead them through the land and mountains as well as helping translate and interpret. The Corps also needed food to eat when it was hard for them to provide on their own. After being welcomed into the Wanapam and Yakima tribes, Lewis and Clark exchanged items like knitting paraphernalia for dog meat to eat. By exchanging goods and knowledge, Lewis and Clark were able to successfully complete their journey with the help of the goods exchanged
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