The Importance Of The Liberty Bell

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The Liberty Bell is one the most important American monuments in history, up there with things like the Washington Monument! The Liberty Bell is a huge symbol of independence, unity, and freedom, and is as prominent as the American flag. It’s a huge bronze bell, doesn’t seem interesting, yet it is crazy popular and has lots of history behind it. This piece of history has made a huge tourist impact on the city of Philadelphia and you should really see it sometime in your life.
The Liberty Bell is a huge bronze bell that is iconic even in its characteristics! It rings in the Independence Hall building, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although it is bronze colored, sometimes in pictures, the lighting makes it look silver. It has a thin crack that cannot be repaired, and it is a very iconic part of the Bell and a reason why it is so popular. The Bell cannot ring anymore due to that crack. On the Bell, there is an inscription from the Old Testament that reads: “Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants thereof”. It weighs 2,080 pounds, which is
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First off, it is so important to American history, so seeing it would be surreal, the Bell was used hundreds of years ago by many famous people, think about that! It is so historic, this monument is an American legend! Next, Philadelphia is known to be a great city and is very populated, and lots of people who have seen the Bell have said it is a must see and that it is necessary to make a visit! If you aren’t interested, there are tour guides that will fill you in on all the history and why it is such a symbol of America. It is so important, people even call it one of the two signs of freedom and independence. The other one is the American flag. The fact that the Liberty Bell is up there in terms of freedom by our flag is astonishing. There is so many facts to back up why you should see the Bell in

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