The Importance Of The Malaysian Language In Malaysia

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LITERATURE REVIEW RQ1: Even though Malay language is the official language of Malaysia, it is a must for the citizens to keep learning and enhance their English proficiency level due to the needs of workplace market nowadays. According to Kassim, H., & Ali, F. (2010), it is noted that even though Malay language is the official language for any events, English is still preferable in most events in Malaysia. Not only that, English language is also important for an employee to keep survive in their workplace. English language can give benefits to the employee in three different aspects which are for the jobholder, colleagues and clients. Jobholder English communication is necessary for the jobholder starting from their graduation until to their retirement. Even though there are some companies who might hire an employee without any English communication skills , but majority of the employers will look for an employee who are good in English. Similar to what Kassim, H., & Ali, F. (2010) has cited in their article, even though the graduates are good and perform well in their academic performances, many employers are still doubt to hire them due to the poor English proficiency. In addition, this also being agreed in an article from Ngah, E., Radzuan, N. R. M., Fauzi, W. J., Azlinda, N., & Abidin, Z. (2011) noted that employers are looking for an employee who is not only posses the excellent academic performances, but also has a good English communication skills. Identically
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