The Importance Of The Mexican Cultural Culture

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In order to deliver effective nursing care to different cultures, nurses should be culturally competent to a variety of different individuals. Barriers to care have resulted in lack of effectiveness in the quality of health care for these patients. These barriers include language, and different beliefs. Latinos make up nearly 16% of the US population (Zimmerman 2017). In addition, the Mexican culture will be the focus of assessment. Mexican national culture slowly emerged from a process of accommodation between the indigenous cultures and the Spanish colonial domination that lasted three centuries (Zimmerman 2017). According to the CIA, around 82 percent of Mexicans identify themselves as Catholic. Family units are usually large, with traditional gender roles. When it comes to food and nutrition there are some foods that are embedded in the Mexican culture. Three products constitute the heart of most Mexican dishes: corn, hot peppers (chiles), and beans, products that stem from pre-Columbian times (Zimmerman 2017). These practices and few of the cultural differences mentioned play a huge factor when it comes to the competent and effective health care to these individuals.
The person interviewed for this cultural assessment is a fourty five-year-old Hispanic woman named Elia Navarrete who was born in Mexico. When is comes to healthcare she has certain beliefs that are normally part of their culture. Because she grew up in a village they believe in a lot of home remedies to

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