The Importance Of The NFL Protest

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The US Constitution do the Legislative Branch-Congress, Executive Branch - President, Judicial Branch Supreme Court. The Constitution are protect the rights of individuals in America today. The NFL protest are Constitution because they are not hunting anyone kneeling, they want to be free from discrimination, and it’s their light to protesting. The NFL protecting by the United States, flag, the Police brutality, and the Soldiers who fighting for our freedom. The First Amendment is protesting the freedoms in the United States ; freedom of speech, freedom of religion. This issue are addressed the first amendment because this Amendment always the citizens to protest. The NFL protest is an issue in the United States because some people think that the NFL football players are disrespecting the US flag.…show more content…
Many people think the NFL protest is the Constitutional because the NFL is the national, President Trump say during the national anthem stocked a debate over football player’s right to protest during a game. Some people believe that the NFL are not Constitution because they not respect the flag. The NFL protest are constitution because they are not hurting anyone by kneeling. According to Boston Globe “The majority of our veterans have no problem with people kneeling down for the anthem. They think there 's just as much respect in that, said Jack Downing, president of soldiers”. According to Boston Globe, “ The protests have became the latest skirmish in argument over what patriotism means in a country where the right to peaceful dissent is enshrined in
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